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The last thing you need is a thousand back and forth emails about your design project. We will simplify the process to get the results you are ready for. 


I’m Kelly. 

Kelly is an experienced and result- oriented entrepreneur with an extensive background in branding, web presence, and social media campaign as well as blogging. Bringing forth leadership, dedication, with 12+ years of experience studying and understanding brands from both marketing and business perspective. Kelly is multi-passionate with a strong leaning towards tech, design and strategy,


She also loves tacos, coffee shops, and dancing like no one is watching. 






What I Offer

Logo & Brand Guide

As an entrepreneur  you know you need a logo that stands out and speaks for itself. We will approach your logo & brand guide with creativity and simplicity ensuring the finished product will be something you are so completely proud of you’ll for sure want to write home about it. Keep scrolling for some examples of logos and product design. 

Social Media Marketing

My mission is to make sure you are seen and discovered online for what you want to be known for. I am on the up & up of current social trends and know the ways we can leverage them best for your brand. 

Web Design

Let’s build a website that makes you proud to put it on your business card. One that not helps you attract the right clients.  

Funnel Design 

Funnels are where its at when it comes to marketing your business online. I will set up a funnel for you that automates your business and helps you skyrocket sales. 

Freebie Design

I help you design and craft a freebie that attracts new qualified leads. This will help you build your business and create a lucrative marketing list. 

Pinterest Marketing

If you’re not using pinterest to generate leads then what are you even doing? I can help you leverage this powerful search engine! 

Design Made Easy


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